Choosing an Intimate Wedding

When two people make a decision to move forward together with their lives seems as if a huge celebration should take place. This is true of many couples getting married, but some of them prefer a smaller celebration. They may have plenty of family and friends willing to attend. They may even have the funds to afford a large and boisterous celebration, but it is not what they have envisioned. Choosing an intimate wedding is a personal choice that many may believe is wrong, but it should be respected because it is what the pair wants as they join their lives together.

A special day

Getting married is an event that does not occur on a regular basis for most people, so it is a special day for couples when they take their vows. Some of them will want to share their happiness with only a few close friends and relatives. They may see a large wedding as an event that takes away from the solemn nature of their ceremony. Rather than going through all the hoops of planning a large wedding, they want to share their day with only those who have been with them for a lifetime.

The ceremony

There are several ways a couple can choose to voice their vows, and many of those officiating at weddings offer a wide range of choices. The ceremony can be a traditional one with vows that have been handed down throughout the years, or it could be one where the couple writes their own vows. Many people getting married today choose a hybrid ceremony. They take the time to write their own words for each other, but they then go through the traditional vows their own parents and grandparents voiced when it was their turn. It provides continuity for many of them, but it also makes the ceremony a personal one for the couple.

A small reception

Couples choosing to get married without reserving a large venue for hundreds of guests can still have a celebration with those sharing their day. A small reception can be held in a private room at a restaurant, or it could be held at home. The couple may choose almost anywhere to hold their reception as they have only a few guests. It can greatly simplify their wedding arrangements, but it can still be a memorable celebration for all the guests and the couple. Small is often seen as less of a celebration, but it can be as joyous and boisterous as a large reception in a hall.

Planning a large wedding can detract from the goal of celebrating a new life together for a couple, and that could be one reason why they decide to limit their guest list. Others may feel a large celebration is out of their comfort zone. Some brides and grooms today are much more focused on the vows they will take, and they believe only close friends and relatives are necessary, so they choose to have a small and intimate wedding. The choice is theirs, and the memories of a happy day should still be all they had hoped as they planned their future together.